We enable transparency in the cosmetic value chain.

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We help companies navigate the rules for how documentation about beauty products must be collected, shared and communicated.

Make Notion streamlines previously manual and time-consuming work, so that it becomes easy to do the right thing.


Complex rules and unclear areas of responsibility.

Cosmetics companies must have the correct certificates and documentation to prove the benefits they claim about their products. But the many strict rules, along with less strict practices for certain USPs or claims, are difficult to navigate through. In addition, the various certifications, labels and dealers want documentation and information in different ways. Make Notion's founders have their own experience of how much manual work is required to get the right documentation between different external parties, as well as between internal departments. After interviews with several players in the industry with the same problem, the idea for Make Notion was born.

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Cosmetic compliance
made easy.

Make Notion wants to help companies in the cosmetics industry to collect, verify and share accurate information about products between stakeholders. This can mean everything from filling in the correct information in their reseller notification templates to correctly handling the documents needed for export. Therefore, we offer a digital service to improve the complex and time-consuming process of documentation and instead make it more efficient. Through an automated approach, we want to make it easy to comply with the rules and to share relevant information with each other, so that the companies in the cosmetics industry can devote themselves to what they do best: developing, selling and marketing their products.

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We bring value to the value chain.

In order to target consumers in the trend-sensitive cosmetics industry, you as a brand owner and marketer want to demonstrate the benefits of your particular products. You want to push specific and unique selling points both on the physical product and in different sales texts online or in advertisements. However, the strict EU rules, together with national legislation, limit the way you can communicate your products. The complex process also limits working methods and is often time-consuming manual work via email, PDF files and spreadsheets.

Make Notion is here to change that.

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Manufacturers and formulators

As a formulator, you are aware of the regulations and are often requested for information because of it. It creates time-consuming processes where you usually have to respond in a manual way. Make Notion helps you share necessary documents and verify them, on your own terms.

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Brand owners

Are you a marketer, communicator or Art Director? Then you probably want to be able to be creative while at the same time following the rules regarding the claims and the text you put on your product. Through Make Notion you can collect and keep track of correct documentation for your own use as well as requests from a reseller or partner.

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Resellers & certifications

Government control bodies, certificate holders and serious retailers of cosmetic products rely on the information they receive from their suppliers. Make Notion makes it easy to find and check various documents so that you can easily live up to both your obligations and your own lists of requirements.

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